Temperatures in Death Valley rose to 54.4 degrees C on Sunday, hottest recorded air temperature on Earth

Death Valley in California has on Sunday recorded hottest air temperature on planet Earth. As per a report by reports that the heatwave has led to two days of blackouts in California. Brandi Stewart who has lived and worked at the Death Valley National Park on and off for five years said that when one walk outside it is like being hit in the face with a bunch of hairdryers.

“You feel the heat and it’s like walking into an oven and the heat is just all around you,” she added.

As per Weather.com, Death Valley has reached 129 degrees Fahrenheit seven times in its records starting from 1911 to most recently on 1 July 2013, according to NOAA’s ACIS database.

The report adds that as per the World Meteorological Organization, the highest temperature recorded anywhere in the Eastern Hemisphere was 131 degree Fahrenheit in Kebili, Tunisia, on 7 July 1931.

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