Low Internet Speeds For Students In Andaman

“Colleges have started their online classes, however, we can’t access them due to bad internet,” says Mridul Mishra, a first-year student pursuing engineering from a college in Tamil Nadu.

With internet speeds operating between 17-18 kbps, it’s next to impossible to access online classes or any additional coursework for students residing in the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

The indefinite nature of the lockdown period rendered the students helpless, with most of them not having carried their books. Given the technical nature of their curriculum, they are also unable to learn off the backs of YouTube or other websites owing to unstable WiFi.

“For final year students, placements are now ongoing, and companies are taking people in. Sadly, we can’t take part in them,” Nikhil Scaria, third-year, engineering student.

As the students struggle to make things work, they worry over the direct impact this lockdown, pandemic, and the painstakingly slow wifi speed will have on their lives.

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