Gmail rolls out dark mode for iPhone, iPad users: Here is how you can enable it

Google has completed .

To enable the dark theme on iPhone and iPad, users will first have to update the Gmail. After that, they will have to go to Settings and Tap Theme option. Those who don’t see the Theme try force-quitting and then re-launching the app. Then, select Light, Dark, or System default.

Those devices which are running on iOS 11 or iOS 12 will see a dark theme toggle, instead of a Theme submenu in the Settings.

Google last month announced that it was going to introduce a new “quick settings” menu in Gmail to allow users to browse, discover and use different themes to customise their mailing experience.

This update will let users see different interfaces, inbox types, and display options alongside their real inbox when they click on the Settings option. The new feature, basically, provides a shortcut to features that already exist in the full Gmail settings menu.

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