Filmmaker Prawaal Raman considered Nishikant Kamat his guru

Filmmaker Prawaal Raman (Ghayab, Charles Aur Main) considered Nishikant Kamat his guru and mentor. Prawaal is numbed by Nishikant’s death. “I have no words to describe my grief. Nishi is not gone. Never for me. I celebrated him since the day I had met him in 2004 and I admire all his qualities. I try to imbibe his qualities even now. Assimilate his virtues even now as I form these words. No, Nishi is not gone.”

Prawaal had recently spoken to his mentor. “Nishi had promised me recently that he will be around for me and I realize what he meant. People like him remain with us. Teaching how beautifully to embrace life without greed of maximum. He never wished for maximum because he was maximum. Maximum of self-respect. Maximum of talent. Maximum of pride. Maximum Of contentment. Maximum Of peace.”

Prawaal feels Nishikant’s presence everywhere. “Such a friend is never gone. Such rare souls remain to inspire even when they are no longer visible to us. They existed before us and will exist after us. They are souls to set an example for many to follow ..Each day .. each century .. in history I haven’t lost a friend. I’ve gained a guide .. forever …Nishi will hold my hand and take me through the rest of my life.”

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