‘Feel free to get in touch’: Sachin Tendulkar urges fans to help him find his first car

Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has made an emotional appeal to fans to help locate his first car ― a Maruti 800.

Speaking on a special episode of Mudit Dani’s show ‘In the Sportlight’, Tendulkar said the car was unfortunately not with him anymore and urged people listening to “feel free to contact and get in touch.”

Tendulkar bought the car from his own hard-earned money after he became a cricketer. Known to be fond of cars since his childhood, Tendulkar has an amazing collection of four-wheelers.

During the course of the interaction, Tendulkar recalled how his home faced a massive open drive-in movie theatre and how he, along with his brother, used to stand in their balcony for hours to get a glance of lavish cars that would park there for the shows.

The former India batsman also spoke about the moment he first stepped into the dressing room as a player for Mumbai.

He said he was standing right in front of the dressing room so that he can get glimpses of players gearing up for the match. He was later invited by his “hero” Sunil Gavaskar into the dressing room.

“I still remember he was sitting on the last seat right in the corner and coincidently I also ended up sitting on the same spot when I started playing Ranji Trophy cricket. It was a coincidence to share the same spot as your hero but a magnificent coincidence,” Tendulkar said.

Tendulkar holds the record for most hundreds in both Tests and ODIs. He retired from Test cricket on 16 November, 2013 after his 200th Test match on his home ground, Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium. The legendary cricketer played 200 Tests in which he scored 15,921 runs. He also played 463 ODIs in which he racked up 18,426 runs.

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