EXCLUSIVE: “Sushant Singh Rajput’s case is very similar to Jessica Lal case”- Chetan Bhagat

Author of Kai Po Che, Sushant Singh Rajput’s debut film, Chetan Bhagat opened up on the late actor’s untimely demise. The actor’s death has taken a toll on everyone and even after two months of his death, people have been desperately waiting for justice. Sushant Singh Rajput’s family and friends along with his fans recently rejoiced the Supreme Court’s judgement of passing the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation. Chetan Bhagat spoke in detail about Sushant Singh Rajput being an inspiration to the common man and the reason why people are extensively hoping to seek justice for him.

Chetan Bhagat said, “Sushant Singh Rajput represented the aspiration of India. People felt like if Sushant could make it big in the industry without a lot of connections, so can they. It’s been over two months since he passed away and the reason why people are still trying to seek justice for him is that people think if he cannot get justice, no one can.” The author compared his case to Jessica’s and said, “It’s very similar to Jessica’s case where people felt if a commoner like her cannot get justice, no one else will.”

Chetan Bhagat also spoke about how Sushant fought to tooth and nail to make his place in the industry. He said, “Sushant was always moving his hands and legs to get work. Be it engineering, or television or movies, which is exactly what Indians do especially when they don’t have a connection or an influence in the industry. You need that kind of people to look up to for hope. And when he suddenly went away from us, people got devastated. People felt like he’s such a big star and something feels odd about this case. While there were a lot of speculations from a lot of people, but if the case is not thoroughly investigated, then no other case in this country will be looked into.”

He further elaborated, “The case is too high profile now, whatever has happened has happened. But, I feel like justice will take place now. While it is high profile, but justice requires evidence and not conspiracy theories. The court will demand evidence to be produced before it and it won’t be like they will punish people on the basis of their bad behaviour. According to the book of crimes, the Indian Penal Code, there has to be a crime established. Even if people were mean to him, it’s not necessary that a crime has taken place. I don’t want people to feel disappointed if things don’t go their way because in the end to prove a crime you need evidence and if there is none then the case goes nowhere.”

“There’s a chance that nothing similar to the prevailing theories happened. All I know is that all the running down that happened, it had affected Sushant”, Chetan said.

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