Elon Musk tweets saying he might install Minecraft, Pokemon Go in Tesla cars

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has proposed the idea of installing games such as Pokemon Go and Minecraft in the company’s cars. “Minecraft has amazing legs,” he tweeted.

Adding to his Twitter thread, the billionaire wrote, “Anyone think they can get a good multiplayer Minecraft working on Teslas? Or maybe create a game that interacts virtually with reality like Pokémon Go while driving safely? Like a complex version of Pac-man or Mario Kart?”

The idea of putting Minecraft in Tesla cars was first discussed by Musk in January when he held a poll on the microblogging site asking his followers if they would like The Witcher video game to be installed in the cars.

More than 85 percent said ‘yes’ to the idea.

Minecraft is a game in which players create and break various kinds of structures in a three-dimensional world.

“That would be great. And that would even be greater if I could play Minecraft in my Tesla (and my kid would love it too),” commented one user.

“Agreed, v(ery) important,” Musk responded to the tweet.

Last week Musk, in a bizarre Twitter rant, wrote that Tesla’s share prices were too high. The post managed to wipe $14 billion off Tesla’s value and set back Musk’s own stake in the company by $3 billion after investors bailed out of the company.

Tweets by Musk have landed his company in trouble earlier as well. In 2018, he had tweeted about Tesla “going private” after funding had been secured. The tweet had cost him his role as the chairman of the company.


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