Deployed on COVID-19 duty, women doctors and nurses in PPE kit bear extreme discomfort during menstruation

Wearing an entire PPE kit for eight-hour-long shifts while treating patients during the COVID-19 pandemic is already a tough job. The situation is made even more difficult for female doctors and nurses during menstruation.

In this video, Linda Rose Sinni, a staff nurse at Fortis Hospital in New Delhi’s Shalimar Bagh, shares her experience of doing her duties while also managing her period.

Being prepared mentally to manage patients and personal hygiene goes a long way in easing menstrual issues, but the practical considerations remain. Every woman’s body temperature is elevated during menstruation, which makes the sweating inside PPE worse and exacerbates issues like dry mouth.

Linda shares with us how conditions like dysmenorrhea (painful periods) can be handled with medications, and heavy flow can be managed with extra-large sanitary pads. Shorter shifts can sometimes help nurses and doctors cope with menstrual symptoms, and so can taking a bath and drinking plenty of water and fluids soon after their shift ends.

Coming up with more methods to aid these women in executing their immense and valuable duties would also facilitate the healthcare system in battling COVID-19.

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