Debina Bonnerjee says, “To see Ramayan being appreciated in such a grand way is a lovely feeling”

Among all the iconic show reruns that have been played throughout the lockdown, Ramayan has been quite steady with its popularity and high TRPs. Even after 10 years of the show taking over television again, it is still grabbing eyeballs from the viewers and audiences who are absolutely loving its comeback.

Actress Debina Bonnerjee who portrayed the role of ‘Sita’ on the show, is ecstatic about Ramayan faring so well! Sharing her thoughts on the same, she says, “I recently got to know that our show Ramayan is topping not just top Gec calculations but overall ratings across all platforms and mediums which is wonderful news! In spite of being a rerun after 10 years, the fact that it is doing very well among all the current and latest shows as well is I feel a humungous achievement! To see it top the charts as the number 1 show amidst all the current ones is just amazing! To see viewers love and support our show even now is a beautiful feeling! Words cannot express how thankful I am to people for loving Ramayan so much! That show and the character of Sita that I portrayed was an absolutely life-changing experience for me and something which will be cherished forever! And to see Ramayan being appreciated in such a grand way is a lovely feeling!”

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