With simplicity & comfort becoming people’s priority minimalist decor trend takes over

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Social isolation behaviour in ants is similar to that of humans and other social mammals: Study

COVID-19 pandemic has not only isolated humans from their loved ones but also the ants. Yes! A recent study by an Israeli-German research team has revealed that ants react... Read more »

Musing on how to be a good boss can boost work efficiency

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Anxiety among men becoming fathers higher than reported: Study

Anxiety among men transitioning into parenthood is significantly higher than reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) regional prevalence rates, a new study suggests. Read the Rest at INDIA... Read more »

Kashmir’s two-day ‘Tulip Festival’ concludes with significant boom in tourists

The two day tulip festival concluded with the enthralling cultural and musical performances by popular artists and singers from within and outside Jammu and Kashmir. The festival which was... Read more »

Researchers reveal stressed brain is associated to broken heart

Heightened activity in the brain, caused by stressful events, is linked to the risk of developing a rare and sometimes fatal heart condition called Takotsubo syndrome (TTS), also known... Read more »

Aerobic exercise may help address dialysis-related symptoms: Study

Aerobic exercise may reduce several hemodialysis-related symptoms experienced by patients with kidney failure, a new study finds. It indicated that aerobic exercise lessened several hemodialysis-related symptoms, including restless leg... Read more »

Holi 2021: Natural and organic colours to cool, energizing drinks, benefits of celebrating this festival

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World Sparrow Day 2021: Shelter home for sparrows in Kanpur is protecting them & providing them food

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Women’s Day Pop Up at Lucullan Studios paved way for clutter breaking campaign #Allaboutwomen

Lucullan Studios, an upscale salon that has always given females a platform to learn and earn acknowledged the contribution of women in our lives and intends to challenge social... Read more »