Apple iPhone 12 lineup patent leaked, may sport an improved version of Google Pixel 4’s marquee feature

Ahead of the

The new camera will bring in a series of benefits and new features like the in-air gesturing mode. It will also improve face recognition technology because of its clarity of depth, hence making Face ID more exact and secure. “Technically it could provide superior Face ID imagery that might be handy at night”. The report states that the ToF camera can enhance the AR experiences in the future as well.

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This technology will use optical beams to adjust the “distance to each point on the target scene” and create three-dimensional imageries. Hence, users of the iPhone 12 can expect better portrait images with better ability to blur the background or using the bokeh effect.

This is going to be an enhanced implementation as opposed to Google’s Marquee feature in Pixel 4.

While the iPhone 12 phones are likely to support 5G connectivity, a recent report had suggested that the Cupertino-based tech company is going to release an iPhone 12 4G handset in early 2021. This is going to be a cheaper version.

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